Address Training Hall

Practice and competition venue

Steglitzer Tischtennis Klub Berlin e. V. (STTK Berlin)
Sports hall of the Gymnasium Steglitz (Steglitz Secondary School)

Heesestraße 15
12169 Berlin
Access opposite of Südenstraße 2 via the driveway and across the school yard
Phone: 030 77 19 08 81 (Christian Kühnel)

Our practice hall is right near the train station Rathaus Steglitz (S and U Bahn), the main traffic hub in southwest Berlin.

You can reach us easily from Lichterfelde, Lankwitz, Zehlendorf and Schöneberg.

Parking on school premises is not allowed, even if other cars are already parking there. This also applies to any kind of motor bikes or scooters.

Public transport
S Bahn: S1
U Bahn: U9
Busses M48, M82, M85, X83, 170, 186, 188, 282, 283, 284, 285, 380

Postal address
see Impressum.