Donate and Support

What any nonprofit sports club depends on, much more than membership fees, is dedication and commitment by members and the time they invest. These members get only very modestly paid for parts of their work. Voluntary work is priceless anyway.

 You can help and support our club with your donation, however small your contribution may be. To get an idea of what our usual expenditures look like, consider the following examples:

  • A sport’s cup: 15 €
  • A box with 100 training balls: 30 €
  • A set of agility ladders: 40 €
  • A table tennis net suitable for league games (Joola WM Ultra): 60 €
  • A package with 10 surrounds: 200 €

And here is the unexpected: You can donate your money or the money of others!

1) How to donate your own money?

Please contact us via email. We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible and send you our bank details. We will of course issue a donation receipt for your tax office.

2) How to donate someone else’s money?

You can support nonprofit clubs by shopping online via Our website at Simply scroll through the alphabetic list or use the search function to find the online retailer where you would order online anyway. After choosing the retailer, you will be redirected to its website (e.g. where you can place your order like you would normally do. Our sports club will then get a small share of the total amount.

Neither do you need to register at nor do prices or discounts vary for your order.

More than 2.000 business companies cooperate with, including the world’s largest online retailers, electronics, book and clothing stores as well as banks, insurance companies or pizza deliveries.

A slight detour for the customer. Real money for our sports club.

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