Health-centered Sport and Project “ZuG”

For all those who would like to play table tennis (again) for health reasons, but who do not want to risk physical overstrain, we offer special courses: table tennis as a health-centered sport. The coaches have completed a special training in order to teach these courses. The course program was developed by the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), the German Table Tennis Association (DTTB), and the German Medical Association. 

From July 2014 until the end of 2015 these courses took place with a special focus on people with a migrant background at the age of 60 or older. This was part of the DOSB’s project “ZuG” (Zugewandert und Geblieben, in English: immigrated and stayed), which was supported by the Federal Ministry of Health. However, other people who were interested without a migrant background were also able to take part. Many participants now continue to come to our club and have joined the courses for table tennis as a health-centered sport or the courses for non-team players.

Table Tennis as a Health-centered Sport

We have been offering courses for table tennis as a health-centered sport since April 2007. For this, our club acquired the certificate “Sport pro Gesundheit” (in English: sports pro health). These courses are recommended and also certified by the DOSB and the German Medical Association. Since 2007, we have usually been conducting two courses a year. 

On several days a week we furthermore offer table tennis for hobby players that are not on any of the competitive teams.  Many people who have taken one of the health-centered courses go on to play in these courses. 

We are always happy to welcome new participants. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Margrit

Trailer of the DTTB for the course "table tennis as a health-centered sport"

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Table Tennis as a Health-centered Sport in Berlin

The following details about table tennis as a health-centered sport are mainly based on the information given by the DOSB about its quality-controlled program. The text has already been published in a leaflet (in German). It was written by our coach Margrit Howald, among others. Currently STTK Berlin is the only table tennis club in Berlin that offers such courses on a regular basis. 

Health-oriented Endurance Sport with Table Tennis 

Health-centered table tennis is perfect for anybody who wants to improve their health – especially with regard to their cardiovascular system –, who wants to enjoy a fun and varied course with others, stay fit with a playful approach, and strengthen their health protection factors. 

Research by the University of Magdeburg has shown that table tennis as a health-oriented endurance sport leads to improvements in the cardiovascular system just as other, traditional kinds of endurance sports. Additional elements promote the ability to also act in a health-oriented way in day-to-day life. 

Certified Quality! 

Table tennis as a health-centered sport is a preventive and health-promoting program of the DOSB, which has received the quality seal stating that it is suited to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Every program that is offered is quality-reviewed regularly. 

Most statutory health insurance providers therefore support this program. Further information on this can be obtained from your health insurance provider or the course instructor. 

What is Table Tennis as a Health-centered Sport? 

At the center of the course is an endurance training. Every participant will be moving around for at least 15 minutes as part of a round-the-table game (in the first few course units there will be breaks). We avoid physical overstrain or a lack of physical strain by paying attention to each participant’s individual training pulse. The course furthermore consists of exercises that practice coordination, strength, and relaxation, and participants also receive information and exercises in order to act health-oriented in their daily lives. 

One course consists of ten to twelve units. 

Project “ZuG” (Zugewandert und Geblieben, in English: immigrated and stayed)

July 2014 to December 2015

Until the end of 2015, our "Health-centred Table" Tennis courses took place as part of the "Immigrated and Stayed" project which aimed at reaching over-60 year old migrants. Together with other other participants, who were also welcome, the programme aimed at getting these people to engage in sports (again) while enjoying the communal aspect, as well. Since these courses were, through a project of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, funded by the German Health Ministery they were free of charge for participants. New participants could join at any time.

Many of those participants now keep on playing in our usual Health-centred Table Tennis or our leisure courses.

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