Integration of Refugees

Table tennis connects people. It is a great opportunity for people who just moved to a new place in particular to meet people, get some exercise with others, and have fun. After concluding the project “Zugewandert und Geblieben” (in English: immigrated and stayed), we have been offering a table tennis group for refugees since January 2016. 

Practice for this group takes place once a week (see Training Hours). Refugees of all age groups learn to play table tennis together with German participants and our coaches. This training is free of cost for all refugees. There always is an Arab interpreter present who can translate if necessary. It is not our aim to offer a practice group for refugees only, but to integrate this group into our regular practice.

This training program is supported by the Berlin Sports Federation and is part of the project “One Game. One World.” of the German Table Tennis Association. Currently, most of the participants in this group are from Syria. All age groups and sometimes even the whole family - from grandparents to parents and kids - play in this group.

If you have any question on this project, you can contact Margrit or Christian.